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samurai 7 icons

samurai 7 icons
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The community name is rather self-explanitory: this is a comm created for those tired of scouring the entirity of samurai_7 in search of good icons. ;)


[x] please keep comments and entries family-friendly (i.e., under a PG-13 rating)
[x] absolutely NO yaoi/shounen-ai (slash) icons posted here. If you want to post them elsewhere you may link to them, however, provided you post a warning.

That's about it, I think. I'd also like to get a small collection of image sites for those icon-makers (like myself) who don't know where to find good Samurai 7 pictures to use for their icons. Got a website? Know of a good one? Please contact me! Arigatou! ^^

[x] image sites
- my icon journal. I have part of the Samurai 7 series (fansubbed) close at hand (and can easily get all of it), and I finally own two DVDs now (volumes 2 and 3), so if you need some screencaps, feel free to ask. ^^

[x] requests
- want a specific icon or screencap? The request post is here!

[x] affliates
- samurai_7
- samurai7rating